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The Brielle Public Library started out on the front porch of the home of a local resident, Mary Williams Strong, who ran an informal lending library using her own collection of books. Around 1930, the library received its first appropriation from the borough for the purchase of books and materials and was moved to a larger space provided by the borough.

The Brielle Library Association was formed in 1950, as a private association, but its aim has always been to provide free public library service to the residents of Brielle. Soon after incorporation, the library was moved to the basement of the Borough Hall, where it remained until a new building was provided by the Borough in 1988.

On February 29,1988, the new Brielle Public Library was open for business.

We have always been a very active library but the move from 1,600 square feet to over 6,600 square feet in our new building, made circulation and library use soar. We are finally able to offer programs for children and adults, provide shelf space for our growing collection and take better advantage of our memberships in the Montmouth County Library system and The Central Jersey Regional Library Cooperative.

In 1989 we added a computerized (CD-ROM) catalog of holdings of the Monmouth County Library System. We have computerized our cataloging of library materials, and have supplemented staff requirements with a library aide program that empolys the services of over 20 volunteers.

In 1995 several new and exciting projects were completed. Our library holdings had been converted to Machine Readable Format. We had purchased a new Computer File Server with a Novell Network along with a CD-ROM server. The service housed the MOLLI system. MOLLI allowed library patrons to have swift access to the library holdings and provides the electronic check-in and check- out of library materials. We also purchased 3 486 diskless workstations.

In the beginning of 1996 we also added a Pentium Computer for our public access to the internet through MELON. MELON was an internet provider service funded by a grant from the state and Monmouth University to Brielle Public Library and 15 other libraries in Monmouth County.

In 1997 the Brielle Library was able to establish the Jean H. Wetzel Memorial Endowment Fund through the generous contributions made by her husband, Bruce, in her memory. Jean Wetzel was a former Library Trustee and Treasurer of the Library.

1998 Saw the process of replacing the MOLLI cataloging system with Athena, a more feature friendly windows-based cataloging and circulation system to ease our check-outs. Many of the computers were upgraded and more computers were added for public use.

In 1999 the MELON internet was replaced with a faster service provided through the Monmouth County Library system.

In late 2000 the Brielle Public Library began a Library expansion project to be completed in 2001. The children's program was expanded with our children's librarian here on staff both Tuesdays and Thursdays. The extra day of programs has been enthusiastically received by parents and children alike.

The new library reading room expansion project has been completed. The new reading room added 925 square feet to the existing facility and will allow the library's collection to grow uninterrupted for many years to come. New reference shelving, video shelving and displays have been erected along with new furnishing for the reading room.
Library Interior
   Entrance To The Library Reading Room

Library Front
    Entrance To The Library

Library Exterior
   Exterior View Of New Library Reading Room
   (Completed May 2001)

Expansion Opening
   Cutting the Ribbon On The New
    Library Reading Room

Starting on the left - Richard Bidnick (Librarian), Ann Scott (Brielle Councol), Tucker Nicol (Brielle Mayor), Leonard Lenzen (Brielle Council), Rick Majos (President Brielle Library Trustee).
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