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Reference Materials

Reference Services

The Library provides professional reference service in-person and by phone.

The following electronic reference tools expand the information selection: CD-ROM and Online Database Subscriptions. Periodical Indexes with InfoTrac and EBSCO Magazine Index. InfoTrac allows 400 periodicals to be searched from 1980 to the present. The library's periodical holdings are noted and topic and expanded keyword searching is implemented. EBSCO allows full text periodicals to be searched from 1980 to the present and also includes topic and expanded keyword searching.

Reference Sources

A CD-ROM version of the World Book Encyclopedia is available. Brielle Public Library participates in the Interlibrary Loan Program with the Mon mouth County Library System. The Monmouth County and Brielle Public (ATHENA) Access Catalogs are both searchable by author, title, subject or keyword.


An area exhibit case is open for public display of hobbies, crafts and special collections. We also have a magazine reading area and study carrels.
Row of Computers


Brielle has a typewriter for use in typing resumes and short reports, CD-ROM Workstations for reference. A photocopy machine may be used at a cost of twenty cents per copy.

Public Access Catalog terminals containing both the Brielle ATHENA system as well as the catalog of the Monmouth County Library System. Workstations are also supplied for internet acess (may also be used for ATHENA and EBSCO).

Internet Workstations are available uncensored for public use. Adults must supervise their children.

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